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Strain Type Validity Stub
Fire Bubba 1 firebubba
Fire Cherry Cookies 0 fire-cherry-cookies
Fire Cookies F 0 fire-cookies-f
Fire Cookies F2v2 0 fire-cookies-f2v2
Fire Cookies G 0 fire-cookies-g
Fire Cookies V2 0 fire-cookies-v2
Firecracker 0 firecracker
Fire cracker 1 firecracker
Firecracker OG 0 firecracker-og
Firedawg OG 0 firedawg-og
Fire Fighter OG 0 fire-fighter-og
Fire Fly 1 firefly
Fire Haze 2 firehaze
Fire Headband 0 fire-headband
Firehouse 1 firehouse
Fire Hydrant 0 fire-hydrant
Fire In The Hole 0 fire-in-the-hole
Fire Lady 0 fire-lady
Fire Monster Cookies 1 firemonstercookies
Fire OG 3 fireog
Fire OG BX 0 fire-og-bx
Fire OG BX3 0 fire-og-bx3
Fire OG BX (Raskal's) 0 fire-og-bx-raskal-s
Fire OG Kush 1 fireogkush
Fire OG x In The Pines 0 fire-og-x-in-the-pines